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Parks are the best place to date and establish relationships.

12 Park Dating Ideas

Bystander: Simply put, you and your partner will sit somewhere and watch people pass you by. But of course, there are more. Try to figure them out before they leave sight. Guess their stories, careers, favorite colors, whether they are vegetarians or not, and so on.

20 Questions: Have you played 20 questions before? You think of something (literally anything) and your partner has 20 questions to know what you choose. And you can only answer yes or no. Oh, did I say you were going to do this on the swing? If you’re asking the question you want to ask. The others change as soon as they turn around!

Kite flying: It’s a super interesting windy day. You can easily pick up a dollar store kite or make it yourself! Even better, if you go on an “arcade date,” I wrote many months ago to make sure that one of them builds your own toy plane and races!

Catching: Football, Frisbee, tennis or baseball can be used in this activity. If you are practicing for a coeducational Sports League (Date Warning), you can get extra points.

Look at the cloud: It’s more interesting than it sounds. The funnier objects in the sky, the better!

Eye Spy: Okay, listen to me first. You have to walk through the park and keep a mental record of what attracts your attention. Once you choose something, your partner has to try to guess what it is. Start at the entrance (or anywhere you want to go), and give hints about your choices. If your partner is “hot and cold”, the implication may be its size and color. But the problem here is that they can only ask for five tips!

Event: See if there are any incidents in your local park. Usually, something happens in the summer months. You never know what you’re going to encounter.

Painting: Take some artistic supplies and draw your favorite scenery! Increase points at sunset.

Picnic: Take a blanket or some food and enjoy eating out. Do you want to hear the idea? Luckily, I’ve written a great idea for a picnic date!

Ice cream: There are always ice cream vendors near city parks (I hope so). So, with a cone in one hand and your partner, on the other hand, go through the park and enjoy your delicacies. Watch out for insects.

Conversation: This is simple, but sitting and chatting can be a good date! Especially when you don’t know them very well.

Of course, there’s a romantic classic. Find a secluded place, avoid other tourists in the park, and enjoy a truly interesting and passionate activity.


What do you think of this different blog style? Usually, I like to introduce my ideas in detail (you obviously know), but for this Sunday post, I want to confuse it a little. Besides, I was surprised that no one called me, but I didn’t send anything last week. But I have good reasons! I’m doing some cool stuff, but I’ll do more when I’m ready.

Remember, make every date a story.

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